Bow draw mechanic.

  • Disclaimer: this is a mechanic discussion thread, not a “buff/nerf” one.

    After digging into “bow draw should require stamina?” topic, I decided to play some archer again and got very ambiguous feelings about draw mechanic.

    Right now, bow draw mechanic feels extremely sluggish and clunky. How it works:

    1. bow have to be fully drawn to shoot;
    2. drawing animation can only be cancelled by switching weapon at the very start of it;
    3. end of drawing animation can not be cancelled at all;
    4. feint can only cancel shot after weapon was fully drawn.

    Why is it so? I assume, it is done to make archer choose between risking a last shot or going for safer secondary switch. Now, I can understand, that a bows have to be balanced somehow, but I firmly believe, that there is better ways, than implementing frustrating behaviour.

    So, to make a general statement: I believe, that any class should feel responsive. Player should feel, that he is in control of his character at any point of time, otherwise he will just accumulate frustration.

    What can possible be done to get rid of that clunky and wobbly feel? In no particular order:

    1. draw animation should be cancelled at any stage by changing a weapon or feinting it and/or
    2. partially-drawn bow release should be possible.

    What problems it brings:

    1. no risk with last close range shot, which removes one of the main weak point of archers;
    2. ability to release half-drawn bow may make warbow the only bow.

    Possible solutions:

    1. switching from bow to any weapon could be longer;
    2. partially-drawn shot could deal very low damage, and arrow could drop a lot faster;
    3. drawing a bow could require stamina;
    4. keeping bow drawn could require stamina;
    5. partially draw shots could have significantly reduced accuracy;
    6. accuracy could be lowered for small time if archer move crosschair too fast.

    If you see the problem, how would you try make archer feel more responsive, without breaking the game?

  • These are some good ideas. I personally haven’t had problems with the draw animation. I usually don’t go for risky close range shots because I’m quite the beast with the stabbing dagger. ;)

    But I do see why it can be a bother for some people. But also, the Archers main weakness is close range unless you choose to use the other specific close-medium ranged weapons like the Javelins or the Short Bow. The whole Archer class changes depending on what weapon you choose and each weapon comes with a sizable negative. Bows have decent damage and versatility but needs to be drawn which slows you down, Crossbows have decent damage and long range but needs to be reloaded awkwardly, Javelins have really high damage and a decent melee option but have limited ammo and slow rate of fire. And lastly, Slingshots are very much a harass weapon that sacrifices damage for speed, high rate of fire and unlimited ammo if you choose to use pellet ammo.

    In short, the Archer class changes almost completely depending on what weapon you choose. I wouldn’t mind if the Bow animation was tweaked as long these changes doesn’t remove the negatives these weapons should have.

  • The weapon swap time, is already lengthy compared to the other classes.

    I never like the fact that you cannot cancel the draw, except at the very beginning and doing so requires you to go through the whole weapon switch process twice, which means is pretty pointless.

    The battlefield can change pretty quickly and being stuck in an animation for the legth of the draw, when there is no longer a shot pretty much sucks.

    If feint could break the draw I would be a happy camper.

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