Game needs in-game ADMINS! Ridiculous votekicks!

  • Hello everyone,

    I just got kicked from official TO server with a votekick command initiated by a TKer, who killed me and the guy got support from another TKer who had 36% team damage. They really pissed me off :x

    I’m saying that this game really needs in-game admins because there are sort of people who just kill their teammates and don’t care about getting kicked and people who just click YES on votekick.

    Now I’m banned from a TO server which means that there is one less populated server with my favorite game mode and acceptable ping! I have high ping on different servers and sometimes it’s really hard for me to find the TO server with at least average ping.

    And one more time I’m gonna say that the game needs in-game admins on official servers.

    Thanks for your attention!

  • Official servers won’t have spectating admins. This has already been said. Nobody has the time nor money to sit in them all day supervising.

    You need to go play on clan servers or others privately hosted if you’re looking for admin support. You don’t get as many griefers as the official servers for one, and secondly, the server owners are more inclined to be online admining their games.

  • Sorry you had this problem. Unfortunately, we are volunteers thus can’t be around all the time to monitor these servers. If you have a problem join our steam group and contact one of the admins on there if we are online.
    Your best bet is to join a clan server as they are pretty good at being moderated. Mine is in my signature and I’m there everyday.
    And also, unless an admin bans you, kick votes are only a 5 min ban.

  • Thanks for your comments and tips I appreciate it.

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