How to group with friends

  • Hi folks, Sorry if this isn’t in the correct area. Just a quick question on how to enter into a game with friends . I see there is a “Friends” tab on the server list but it is empty and I don’t see an option to “Add” friends. Is this supposed to be populated from your Steam friends list. A group of us just picked up the game and would like to party up or at least play on the same server.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Very much for your time.
    In game ( Canadian )

  • i feel your pain

    atm theres only 2ways

    either u all know the server or u just keep pressing join on friendX in steam overlay

    its a pain

  • Thanks for the reply, we were trying to “join game” from the friends list in Steam but the option was grayed out for some reason, We did eventually just play the " can you see this server" game and managed to hop in one together.

    thanks again for your time

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