Suggestions for the new weapons

  • First of all i’d like to say that I really like the patch, thank you TBS for putting so much effort in it, love it and love you guys (no homo). But on to the suggestion part now; personally i think the quarter staff should be buffed in terms of speed. Right now it’s just as fast as the Dane axe with half of it’s damage and less reach. Even though i really like playing with the quarter staff i often don’t see the point when i can kill guys two times as fast with the Dane Axe. Don’t get me wrong here, i’m not asking for 10ù extra speed, 5 would be perfect, 82% speed is decent and quite realistic.

    The second suggestion i’d like to mention is to add some kind of a special attack to the flails. If you hold down a-yet to be determined- key you should start spinning it in a circular motion above your head, when you’re at max speed and you hit somebody you’d have like +5 or +10 added to your overhead damage with that flail.

  • I dont know if I imagined it but facing a good MAA with the quarterstaff some of the combos seemed very fast.

    Edit Looking at the Martins spreadsheet the quarterstaff slash is 0.125 seconds faster so they are different weapons so they have different qualities but given the dane axe does more damage looks like the dane axe has the edge (pun), perhaps depending on the opponent type.

  • Probably didn’t notice that as i rarely use slash :/ i’m more of an overhead and stab guy

  • I think the second suggestion is just crazy :)
    Ah, and for the quarterstaff i agree, he need some buff, i’d go with more damage… just so we can do 2 hit archers.
    And the sling too, i think it need something else, just dont know what.

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