Respawn mod or not ?

  • hello,

    i ve a question about mods, and which mod will be used for the clanwars.

    All the mods will be playable with respawns (when you die, you automatically respawn ?)
    Or, is there a mod more realistic, more competitive without respawn ? (when you die, you ll wait the end of the round). The “no-respawn” system is very fun in clanwwar, more strategic, more realistic and contribute a lot to the immersion in the game.

    The non respawn mod is the most competitive way used in the FPS games, please dont overlook it.

    Thank you,


  • Developer

    Last Team Standing game mode is elimination style rounds similar to what is found in Counter-strike and is a gamemode that we offer.

  • I think both ways of playing the game will be implemented on release.

    Although I dont think the respawn will be instant, but you will have to wait some seconds between death and respawn.

  • I would have thought that instant spawning would cause a bit of a rushing mentality amoungst players which i dont think would be appropriate in what i understand will be a bit more tactical and skill driven.

    However, I wouldnt think that one life would work either, this type of game mode drives away players who want to be in action rather than hanging around for another game to begin. This is especially worse for new players who would more than likely die at the start of a new game and be subjected to the likely chances of a long game mode and wait.

    My personal opinion, combine the two…Okay hear me out…Have players respawn in waves. Call them reinforcements if you will. The length of time between reinforcements can vary. On a large scale battle with keeps being pushed than the respawn for the attackers would be slightly faster than the defenders. This type of delay would mean the attackers get a more Rush mentality where the defenders get a more tactile and fearful mentality. Exactly what a real situation would want.

    You could also have the waves spawn at different “events” say i go back to the keep situation. If you die on the battlefield infront of the gate your defending, youll then spawn behind the gate for the next stage of the enemy attack phase.

    What you guys think?

  • Waves is the way it worked in AoC. And when a big milestone was achieved, for example when the ram broke down the castle´s walls, the spawns moved to reflect the new battle situations, and all players, attackers and defenders were force respawned (defenders appeared in the inner defenses of the castle, while attackers in the outskirts of the castle reappeared near the broken gates), then the battle raged on.

  • Developer

    Still works that way in Team Objective mode Wingy, I was just highlighting the LTS gamemode as it seemed to be what the OP was looking for.

  • It might also be good to put in a ticket system. Instead of the game ending when an objective is reached or a timer reaches zero each team can have a set amount of tickets (Lives, basically). You can call them reinforcements, or morale.

    If reinforcements reach zero you have no more respawns for the team, or in the case of morale the losing force flees the battlefield. Morale would seem like it fits a bit more because you can have morale go up when an objective is completed or some special event, like a heavy knight getting a high kill streak and raise morale. Although I would be hesitant on having it something a player can easily control for the chance of it being abused.

    Morale can affect other parts of the game like a faster/slower respawn (hesitance to join a battle), or having some siege weapons work more effectively (faster reload time, and what have you). However losing an early morale battle shouldn’t be a death toll for the round, it would add another layer if you could have a dynamic event pop-up for a low-morale team to raise their morale (like killing the MVP of the enemy team, or getting a supply caravan through), but the team should still have to work towards it to get it (not a freebie).

  • The thing about Chivalry is that since it’s mainly melee focused, and even the ranged classes don’t have super long sniper range (or even pistol range really), the respawns don’t have to be long, and it feels better for the players when they aren’t. Reinforcement waves come fairly quickly, but then you spend a good 10-20 seconds running to the front, unless the enemy is on your last objective and you’re desperately defending. I think it feels a lot more natural this way, and it also gives you something to do while you wait to get back in the fray as you’re given the perfect opportunity to disrupt any flanking the enemy attempts - and of course you get to charge in screaming your battle cry instead of just popping back into existence and immediately scoping in and shooting someone 200 yards away ;)

    That idea about morale is an interesting one, but it seems like it may end up just making it feel frustrating to be on the losing team. Generally game mechanics that make the losing team lose harder are bad.

  • Losing harder would be the biggest problem about the morale system, so maybe just making morale an end to the round and not affect combat would be better, and simpler. Run out of morale as the attacking team and you lose. End of story. Defending team probably wouldn’t have morale because their losing condition would be losing the objective.

    Morale would be a mix of a countdown timer and reinforcement tickets, which would fully (or partially) replenish on completion of an objective. Then you can have secondary objectives that would mainly just affect morale, to a lesser degree, which would just give them more time and tickets or a new toy (catapult) if completed. The defenders could defend (or whatever completion would be for them of that objective) to deny the attackers the extra morale or catapult (such as killing the workers building it).

    I’m just throwing this idea in the mix, not copyrighting it, so feel free to take or add to it as you see fit. :)

  • The problem with dying subtracting from your time to finish a map is it discourages you from sacrificing yourself for the greater good and getting that little bit more push in that could lead to a victory in the end, because your death probably subtracts more than your little push adds. And even if it doesn’t - your average player would be scared off from attempting a dangerous objective because they believe the small progress they would make wouldn’t be worth the death penalty.

  • Excellent point. I bloody hate games that discourage sacrifice.
    Speaking of which, please tell me there isn’t a stupid K/D stat?

  • There is, but there’s also points gained in the round which are mainly acquired from helping to complete objectives (or fighting near objectives when on defense). If things are finalized around the same as they were in AoC, kills will be 2 points, assists will be 1 point, with a 2 point bonus if near an objective (so just helping kill an enemy near an objective is worth more points than killing an enemy in some random place on the map), and varying levels of points for completing objectives. For example pushing a battering ram to its destination might be worth 200 total points, so every X seconds, Y amount of points will be distributed to all allies helping to push the ram. So if your entire team is off killing mindlessly and you singlehandedly push the ram all the way, someone would need 100 kills to top your score.

    So yeah, fighting is important and there’s K/D/A in the game to represent who’s doing the most/best fighting, but objectives will place you highest on the scoreboard and give you the recognition you deserve.

  • Scoreboard is fine, it’s handy knowing which players have the best survivability, as long as there’s no persistent K/D tracking tied to your steam account. That’s when you start to encourage people to play it safe, for the sake of their precious stats.

  • Oh, that. I have no idea about that. Safe to say there will be some kind of stat integration with Steam as there will be achievement tracking.

  • omg stop talking about your enjoying the game with the possiblity to sacrifice yourself.

    I persist in this way : the non respawn mod is the better way to the clanwars !!! i m not talking about huge cambat in publics servers, only private games between 2 guilds or 2 clans.
    In this situation, if sacrifice myself for 1 round will maybe the only way to win … i ll run for it !!

    Please, make distinction : tickets and wave of respawns for publics servers and guild/clan war mod without respawn (for better strategics, better immersion, much more adrenaline in war when you are the last one with 1 objective to do and 2 enemies left)

  • There’s already a Last Team Standing mode. No respawn objective mode is pointless - the objectives aren’t something as simple as planting a bomb and waiting. They take quite a while to finish. Every no respawn objective mode round would just turn into Last Team Standing with complete ignorance of the objectives, because it’s impossible to complete them in a single spawn anyway. Because there were no counterstrike situations in medieval wars - you didn’t send in a small team to eliminate a rebellion, you sent your army and you burned their village down.

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