Tournaments with Cash Payout

  • What would you say to having tournaments with cash payouts and paid entries?

    We have sent our first draft for an event to Torn Banner for approval, but I want to know your thoughts too.

    We will have admins, streaming videos and we already have our own server. Payments are made via our secure online store and paid out via Paypal. Server is locked down 20 min before event for practice. Passwords are sent just before lock-down to combatants who have paid.

    These events could be done in a number of ways. We would set random maps and campaigns and winners would be via point leaders over X rounds. We will ref, admin, video and take shots of everything to show later.

    We have been promoting events since 1986 and feel we can offer exciting games here. Again, we want to know your feedback on this while we seek approval / correct angle of attack from the developers.

    We could also host leagues if demand is there.

    Funds are used to keep the server running / add more servers.

  • I work with and we’re happy to see other competitive services like yours :D I hope that you’re able to get something set up and draw some attention!

  • You don’t need approval for anything unless you want TB to endorse it. Set it up, promote the shit out of it and see who signs up. Play it and pay the winner, simple.

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