Ballistae not working

  • So every time I try to use a ballista, one of four things happens

    1. everything works just fine
    2. I can only make the ballista pan left/right but not up or down
    3. the ballista will NOT move but my crosshair will move around and I will wind up looking around the ballista at weird angles, unable to disengage or do anything
    4. neither the ballista or crosshair will move, and I cannot disengage unless hit

    Tonight while I was playing agatha on hillside, I was unable to use the ballistae at all and it was horrible. I never had this problem at all before the patch. It happened with both vanguard and knight, not so sure about the other classes.

  • Certain ballista bugs are being worked on for the coming hotfix. I expect to see these issues taken care of with it.

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