Crossbow Bugs - several

  • There are several bugs that occur consistently when using crossbows.

    Getting shot while using ballista or catapult:
    If you have a crossbow and are using a ballista or catapult and take damage it knocks you off the ballista and shows your crossbow as your weapon but you are unable to use it. You cannot aim or switch weapons, you can only walk around until you use the ballista again and then get off of the ballista without taking damage.

    Can’t sprint after aiming:
    After you aim and shoot with the crossbow then stop aiming as fast as you can you are unable to sprint until you aim then unaim again.

    Graphical glitch after using ballista or catapult:
    If you are a crossbowman with the shield after you use a ballista or catapult there is a strange graphical glitch where you can see your own shield in first person view, sometimes it blocks a good portion of your view even though it is on your back.

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