A few questions on configuring a server I'm renting

  • Hey guys,
    I wish I had the liberty to search via google or forums, but unfortunatly there is a massive firewall blocking everything @ work. Kind of using the computer in the break room lol :D dont ask.

    Anyways, I’m renting a NFO server and am a virgin when it comes to configuring these things… Which files control the admin password? lol and even the game password. How do I set my server to play maps A B and C?

    Links are fine, but thats!

  • Everything is located in one file:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\chivalry_ded_server\UDKGame\Config \PCServer-UDKGame.ini

    game password, admin password, map lists, map rotation order, server configuration options, etc. It’s a lengthy text file, so you’ll have to scroll through and take a look around.

  • Good choice with NFO.

    As far as configuring the server, every option is in a file on the server. You can use FTP (I use FileZilla) to upload and overwrite files, or you can use NFO’s built-in text editor to make changes (File Manager tab in the Control Panel).

    Visit this thread to learn about what files to edit.

    A few things:
    To change your server’s name, edit the PCServer-UDKGame.ini file and find the line that says “ServerName= NFO New Server” and change the “NFO New Server” to whatever name you want. Make sure you click save if you’re using NFO’s file editor, and then reboot your server to have the changes take place.

    Every change you make to the server pretty much follows that general outline. Find the line, change the setting, save, reboot, and you’re good. Most important settings are in PCServer-UDKGame.ini but some are in other files. Use that thread I linked you to kind of set the server up. The hardest, or really the most annoying part, is the maplist. I’d put together a maplist in notepad or something and then copy it over.

    Hope that helps.

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