What's your favorite weapon?

  • So lets beak it down. What are your favorite weapons for each class?

    Knight: I like the Longsword and the broadsword. I’ll normally use the kite shield with my blades but I’ll ditch it for the axes if the archer count is low enough.

    Vanguard: Claymore and dane ax with the throwing knives.

    Man at Arms: Broadsword and thrusting dagger most of the time but I will use the dane ax sometimes. And of course the firepot to make some rage.

    Archer: I hardly use the bows but I Do like the regular javelin with the almighty cudgel.

  • Archers and MAA last knife, Thrusting. Not trolling at all, seems that 95% of the players don’t know how to deal with daggers and get so badly owned in 1 vs 1. Specially 2 handers.

  • Just going to post my favorite loadouts and bold the weapon I use most in each of them.

    Knight: Sword of War/Morning Star/Throwing Axes
    (I’m starting to gain an appreciation for the Messer though and have been using Broadsword as my Secondary when I have Messer as my Primary.)

    Man-at-Arms: Broadsword/Cudgel or Thrusting Dagger/Oil Pot

    Vanguard: Zweihander/Dane Axe/Smoke Pot

    Archer: Heavy Crossbow/Cudgel/Extra Bolts

  • Knight - Sword of war and Flanged mace both 1 handed with kite shield. Mace against other knights SoW against everything else

    Man-at-arms - Broadsword and heater shield

    Vanguard - Spear

    Archer - Shortbow/Shortsword running around like a jerk poking folks

  • 90% of playtime spent with

    Vanguard: Zweihander, Dane Axe, Smoke pot.

    Its all i need :)

    If i go something else its usually

    Knight: Grand Mace, broadsword, kite

  • Sword of War/Spear/Hatchet/Warbow for me, along with the Broadsword, Dane Axe and Shortsword as secondaries.

  • Knights; Maul
    Vanguard; Bardiche
    Man-at arms; Broadsword
    Archer; heavy crossbow

  • MAA: Flanged Mace/ Saber/ Heater Shield
    Vanguard: Billhook/ Dane Axe/ Hatchet
    Knight: Long Sword/ Flanged Mace/ Kite Shield
    Archer: Longbow/ Cudgel / Bodkin Arrows

  • heaviest javelin. i even play duels with it. its hard to hit but if you manage to hit somebody its so satisfying. In combination with shield its also decent in melee. Especially against vanguards.

  • MaA: Dane axe, thrusting dagger, pot of oil (so i can yell 'i got a pot of oil- jack sparrow style)

    Knight: Maul, …(never use secondaries with the maul), tower shield (so i can turn around and cover myself from the incoming arrows)

    Vanguard: Zweihander, Dane axe, smoke pots

    Archer: Warbow/heavy crossbow, sabre/thusting dagger, bodkin arrows/pavise shield

  • I like to use Javelins as an archer (i’m not patient/accurate enough for bows), The Dane axe or Norse Sword with a heater shield as MAA, bardiche and other polearms as the Vanguard, and a bastard sword and kite shield as a knight.

    Secondary weapons kinda change based on what I feel like at the time. But generally speaking, the shortsword tree is lots of fun, as is the mace as a knight.

  • Knight : Flail/Broadsword/Buckler
    Vanguard : Bandistock/Sabre/Trowing Knives
    Archer: Dunno too boring…

  • Knight: Sword of War/Grand mace - Falchion/Norse sword - Kite shield
    Vanguard: Spear/Bardiche - Shortsword/Dane axe - Throwing axes
    MMA: Spiked mace/Norse sword - Shortsword/Thrusting dagger - Heather shield/Fire pot
    Archer: Javelins / Cudgel / Buckler

    Looks like I’m addicted to stabbing.

  • My go-to weapon as a knight is the Sword Of War with the Morning Star and the Kite Shield. It’s my most effective setup, but not necessarily my favorite. Warhammer, Boradsword and Kiteshield can also grant good results, especially in team games because of the Hammer’s great burst damage.

    Though I really like to spice things up a bit… I regularly use the Poleaxe, the Bearded Axe and the Grand Mace as well as the Falchion as a Secondary.

    Flails are the only weapon category I really couldn’t get behind as a knight. They looke fun but have a weird timing with medicore damage and an awkward buckler shield.

    As a Vanguard, I usually went for the Halberd because of its range coupled with versatility, but that decreased a bit since last patch. I also like to change around with the Polehammer, the Bardiche, the Claymore and the Zweihänder, usually combined with the Dane Axe - so I can keep my reach advantage even with a one-hander - and throwing axes.

    I usually avoid spears because I don’t like their limited attack variety.

    As a special weapon I want to name the Flag Pole. Yes, it handles like a spear, but hardly anything is more fun and epic-looking than to slaughter people with their own banner.

    Of course, not to forget fists, with any class. They have a special place in my heart and account for some of my most enjoyable moments in this game.

  • Poleaxe. I love that thing so much. It is slightly annoying that the stab and the overhead have the hitbox of a toothpick, but I still love it.

  • Knight: Longsword/Pole axe - Broadsword/Flanged mace - Throwing axes
    Vanguard: Claymore/Spear - Shortsword/Hatchet - Throwing axes
    MAA: Broadsword/Hatchet - Shortsword/Broad dagger - Oil pot
    Archer: Crossbow/Longbow - Shortsword/Broad dagger - Extra ammo/Bodkin arrows

  • Vanguard Spearman all day!

  • Bearded Axe because it’s the manliest weapon

  • Knight: Maul! (duh)
    Vanguard: Greatsword/smoke pots
    MAA: Toss up between dane axe and war axe/ fire pot!
    Archer: Crossbow and heavy crossbow equally great in different situations

  • Probably Spear and Heavy Crossbow for me.

    Flail it would be if it gets Heater Shield and the 1st person accuracy of overheads is buffed a bit.

    Shortspear Javelins as well if they’re fixed to be like AoC, and the ammo count is upped.

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