(A VALID) Veteran Helmet Bug

  • Hey CMW,
    First, I’d just like to state that I love this game. My issue is with the veteran helmets and them not appearing in my achievements section, as well as all other sections of CMW. I have looked online and from what I have found (someone please correct me if I am wrong) you unlock the veteran helmet and the corresponding achievement for each class/role by first unlocking all of the primary weapons for the individual classes/roles.
    First I’d just like to ask if that is true - if it is, my game’s bugged out :/. I say this because I have unlocked all of the primary weapons for all of the melee classes/roles (so this means 3/4 of the classes/roles the exception being the archer role/class) and the only achievement I have is “Man at Arms Veterans Helmet.”
    Please stay with me, I hope I am not TOO confusing. This would mean that I am due both the Knight and Vanguard veteran helmet and achievement (neither of which I have). I do have the Man at Arms achievement and the helmet did work in game (both in configuration and during play) before the patch, but as of now I have only the “Man at Arms Veterans Helmet” achievement not the Man at Arms veteran helmet in game, OR configuration (the only option for ALL of my helmets is default).
    Hopefully I’m not making an ass of myself and everything stated above is sensible and has been accurately portrayed. Please ask if clarification is needed. Attention to this issue will be much obliged,

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  • This is a known issue/ bug… which might have been fixed for some (after the patch) apparently.
    I am thinking what went on here is - they added new weapon slots for every class, which some of the slots are empty now - nothing to unlock there lol. But some said this was fixed by leveling once after patch.

    I will check mine after work today, since i leveled but never checked.

  • Veteran helmets were broken by the last patch. The next hotfix patch will be coming soon and will fix them.

    My veteran helmets randomly returned and I have a suspicion that it may have been linked to me leveling up, but I’m not sure.

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