Landing hits with tomahawks post patch.

  • Is it just me, or have tomahawks been changed in some way? I find it harder to hit than previously (as in before the recent content update), and have noticed a few going through a body with no damage but this could obv be lag.

    It just seems different, is it? I used to be pretty good with them, now not so much…

  • Theres a definite difference. Its like a half a second delay right before you throw, also it seems as if their range changed a bit that might be me sketching about it but it definitely seems like i have to aim a little higher than normal to land some of the more average range throws, pretty hard to consistently hit someone twice now, commin from someone who used to get hawk kills all the time.

    Its not horrible, they still are very helpful just a lil harder to land now but i really dont know why they would ever mess with throwing axes…ever… as barely anyone would use or land hits with them in the first place.

  • Yes, same experience here

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