God awful hit detection/overpowered attack types.

  • Like stated in Subject. Hit detection with some weapons is simply a joke. I mostly play man-at-arms and half of my arsenal is pretty much useless. Mainly I’m talking about blunt weapons, besides flanged mace, which is probably strongest mat weapon, both morning star and holy water sprinkler are FAIL in game development. I dunno if it’s the lag that most servers are bothered with or if hit detection is really so freaking bad but I dare you to hit anything with these weapons.

    Then comes the god awful stab attack. I’m talking about Vanguards and pretty much all of their weapons. It’s a joke, a bad joke. You would think that you should be able to flank someone who keeps spamming stab/thrust attack (call it whatever you want) which should go straight forward but it’s simply not the case in this game. Vanguards who have any clue what they’re doing set their mouse sensitivity to high and keep making 180 degrees turns while… STABBING. It’s much more deadly than typical shitty LMB spam that you see performed by so many vanguards - At least you can dodge their left/right swings while Stab always goes straight for you if you combine it with adhd mouse turning.
    Only way to dodge it is to go back which won’t work forever since you will hit an obstacle behind you sooner or later. If you try to dodge it by going twice left/right - they will still hit you since like I stated before - You can easily turn your vanguard while stabbing… If you try to run towards them you still will get hit which brings me to 2nd problem with stab attack. THEY CAN HIT YOU WITH A STAB EVEN IF YOU STAY FEW INCHES NEXT TO THEM.

    So overall: It’s a great game and I still play it but I simply cringe when I see a vanguard/knight noob player who simply beats me because of weird/silly/unbalanced combat system in this game. You shouldn’t be able to perform a stab attack and still being able to make it effective in a 180 degree range, that’s what swings are for.

  • Agree about the vanguard stabs. It does not seem right that you can turn a stab into a slash. I get that its a balance thing, but it does seem a bit excessive.

    The knights poleaxe on the other hand has a MICROSCOPIC hit box in the overhead and stab, and again, I understand that its a balance thing, the weapon would be super overpowered if you could do that 180-degree-stab-thing, but it does seem a bit stupid. In some cases, the overhead will actually go straight through the enemy, but not register as a hit because it has to be so millimetrically precise.

    On a sidenote, I honestly think the game had too many weapons to begin with. I’m not saying it should just have one class and one sword. Variety is good, but I think they may have given us a bit too much to choose from. It just becomes impossible to balance properly. Now, I’m not saying the game balance is completely broken, but I’d say the balance is still definitely not perfect. The double axe is still kind of a joke, many of the vanguard weapons are still too easy to get kills with (not NEARLY as bad as it used to be, but still not perfect). The patch helped A LOT, but there is still some work to be done.

  • Related, but not same issue:

    A lot of swings, in particular the 2handed swords, still will hit / damage / kill after their swing and main thrust is already over.
    Its basically the last 2-3 animation frames that in the real world would have no more impact or impetus/force at all in them, that still damage you or wipe you as if you were hit at the main inflection point of strength.

    This is a minor quibble, as its a touch annoying to die while effectively getting gently nudged while standing 90% BEHIND a 2-hander dude, but I guess it may simply be a concession one has to make to the engine?
    Can’t have pixel precision and physics in every swing, I guess, but since we were posting…

    Also for some reason I find it near impossible to ever block anyone using the knight 1H hammer(middle row, primary, first weapon) and LMB. For several games now people just LMB spamming knight+1h hammer+shield have been nr 1, and they haven’t really gotten much “real” skill beyond the fact that the thing is insanely hard to block.
    I stare at it, I time the block perfectly and then…die.

    This also seems to happen far more often now than before the patch? My selective perception or a reality? Just seems weird, because my block timing is great, and I do face my enemy / weapon, but I get a TON more hits hitting me.

    Ah well.

  • Yes. All of the above

  • Why are you dodging a straight stab? Block and you will get two hits off on him before he can recover. Vanguards have slow recovery, as a knight and shield I have little problem blocking and then striking them before they can recover (unless they parry).

  • @gregcau:

    Why are you dodging a straight stab? Block and you will get two hits off on him before he can recover. Vanguards have slow recovery, as a knight and shield I have little problem blocking and then striking them before they can recover (unless they parry).

    Because feint, probably. You always want to dodge first and counterattack rather than risk a parry.

  • @Kunzzi:


    Man I totally agree with the rest of the post too, but this, this thing is what irritates me.
    The one huge disadvantage of long range weapons irl, was that if someone came close to you, you were pretty much screwed. But in this game, they can stab you with a spear when you’re practically hugging them. The disadvantage turns to a huge advantage, cause its harder to block those unnatural stabs too.
    Hit detection seems to randomly work post patch, especially with small weapons. Sometimes its the lag, sometimes I dont know.
    Anyway, hope they fix these issues. Its a great game that I really enjoy, but it could be much better.

  • LOLS a MAA complaining about Vanguards? You must not have much skill, because most MAAs can destroy vanguards. The 180 stab turn was totally nerfed as well as even adjusting your stab even 30 degrees, again nerfed in the recent patch. Is it possible that you are dodging into their attack because they are anticipating what your are doing and they are leading their target?

    Sadly the hit boxes of the weapons are what they are. It is hard to stab around a teammate to hit the enemy without hitting the teammate. That is the case with almost all weapons as they are larger than they are graphically. They have to be otherwise the hit detection would be even worse than it is now. It was better pre patch.

    The patch also broke the parry system as now more parries fail when they should not have. The same is true with hits going right into player models with taking damage. The patch is much to blame for what you are seeing happen. But I would say that after the patch MAA are killing me almost every time when before I had a better than average chance of killing them.

  • I agree that spinning while stabbing is quite annoying, and highly unrealistic to boot. When you stab, you are putting your entire effort into the movement, and would not have time, or footing, to move while doing so. Of course, some degree of movement should be allowed for the purpose of being able to hit moving targets, and for keeping the game fun :)

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