Server not showing up in Server Browser anymore

  • Hey guys,

    I’m running a Chivalry Medieval Warfare Public Server with 32 Slots. However since yesterday we’re having problems with our server not showing up in the list anymore. This applies for the Server Browser itself, History and Favorites Tab (Not for Friends Tab for some odd reason).

    Some players are still able to see our server in the Browser but the majority does not (neither do my admins). Many of our regular players have also reported that they couldnt find our server anymore unless they connect via ‘Open IP:Port’.

    This has never been a problem before and no Server-configuration changes have been made at all when the problem appeared for the first time.

    I already tried a couple of server restarts, Steam Update and even loading a Server Backup from 3 days ago when everything went normally. :?

    I know the server browser bugs are a known issue but there must be some reason that its not showing up anymore all sudden.

    Hope you guys can help us.

  • We have the same problem except that I can’t even connect via the console ‘Open’ command anymore. I enter the command and nothing happens.

    Sucks when we start attracting regulars every night, and suddenly our server disappears from sight.

    Hope the devs can fix this very soon so we can keep building the Chivalry player-base!

  • Hey guys.

    I’m currently experiencing the same problem. A lot of people are able to play on my server but I can’t seem to find it anywhere myself nor can a few of my friends play on it. I’ve tried restarting it a couple of times but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Did you find out how to fix the problem or still having trouble?


  • this thread is very usefull …!
    I’ve found the matter solved on it…!

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