Buckler does nothing now and then

  • Tested knight with flail and buckler. My friend striking horizontal strikes while me blocking, occasionally strikes just go through in middle of shield, got stamina, so thats not the problem. I dont know of this has been reported before, so here you have it.

  • Yup, the flail’s buckler is total ass. I don’t even bother using the thing in Duel Mode because of how unreliable the blocks are. I think it has something to do with the weird stance the knight is in when he uses the flail? I have no problem blocking with the MAA and Archer bucklers.

  • This is actually a problem since launch for the javelineers. The buckler even lets simple spear stabs (no need to aim) through while holding the block, and much more.

    One of the main reasons for frustration in this class and am still waiting for a non-buckler option…
    It makes a lot of sense that the flail experiences the same issues

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