Animation/POV issues?

  • I could just be too picky, being as how I have an arts/computer animation background, but I think that the large field of view from the 1’st person view makes your model (arms, sword, shield) look too skewed, long and narrow.

    I should think the models (arms, swords) would need to be enlarged somehow to compensate. Since they look quite narrow and thin from the 1’st person perspective. A little odd.

    Another issue I noticed.

    The running with axe or crossbow animation looks very awkward and robotic. Perhaps you should show less of the arms/axe in view, or add a little more follow through movement and side to side sway instead of just going back and forth.

    The leg from the kick animation seems to jet out from nowhere as well and sort of seems awkward.

    I feel like animations in a game can either make or break the suspension of disbelief. I’d put some more time into that aspect.

    To re-iterate I only have a real issue with animations from the 1’st person POV.

    This from an animator/artist.

    Great job with the rest! :)

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Yea, I kind of agree. Although it is probably to late in development to change anything like that…

  • I figured it may be too late but thought I’d mention it earlier in case they’re going to be making patches/updates.

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