My Feedback

  • I just realized i have played over 100 hours so i thought it is time to give some feedback

    -Citadel first objective too difficult for attackers.

    -Citadel last objective too difficult for defenders.

    -Duel scoreboard needs ping.

    -Stoneshill last objective a bit difficult for attackers + sometimes defenders spawn left or right from where the king usually stands.

    -Polehammer should use the swing-sprintattack like the two handed swords.

    -Brandistocks sprintattack weaker than forks, spears and halberds sprintattacks (according to the spreadsheet).

    -Bardiches sprintattack weaker than halberds (according to the spreadsheet).

    -Quarterstaff feels weak.

    -Sword of war should be faster.

    -Firepot too weak, right now shield would always be the better choice imo.

    -To much throwing weapons (axes and knives). Melee classes should use them to weaken or finish enemys, they should not be able to kill someone with throwing weapons only, thats what javelins are for.

    -Cudgel too fast/Saber too slow.

    -Warhammer does way too much damage, even after the patch.

    -Accelerated overhead needs fix.

    -Weapons should take a short time before doing full damage, something like 50% less damage in the first quarter of an attack. This would also weaken accelerated overheads and taking hits by swings when standing behind someone.

    -Crossbows should shoot when you press, not when you release the button.

    Some weapon suggestions:
    -Two handed Flail. Long stick connected to a shorter one by a chain. Would be great for vanguards.
    -Caltrop. When dropped they stay for a fixed amount of time or “uses”. When stepped on, they do little damage and remove the ability to sprint for a few seconds.
    -Pot filled with quicklime. On impact it would release a cloud of quicklime that hurts players standing in it. Real quicklime would blind someone but that would probably be to strong so instead maybe give them blurry vision for a few seconds on contact.

    What i really miss from aoc and what lacks in cmw is siege of castles. Helms deep was my favourite map in aoc because it had so much siege weapons. Catapults, movable siege tower, ladders than can be raised and knocked over, petard, ram, everything.
    I like the variation of objectives you did, but a map fully focused on siege would be really really great. That could also implement some kind of desrtuctible environment, like wooden cover on top of walls that can be destroyed by catapults.
    And mod tools are desperately needed.

    But overall, this is a really fun game and i enjoyed every minute of it.
    Thanks for your great work and i hope to see more of it.


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