Fix the F**kin spear FFS

  • heavy war spear? My arse.
    11 ft long toothpick in this game!
    4 hits to kill an unarmoured archer? - yer ok
    no combination play for it? - why
    strike out to maximum distances -(11ft plus) enemy takes 1 step forward hits back with a 1 ft long mace and gets a hit - thats not a balance thats a LMB spammers wet dream.
    Wind up speed measured in hours not seconds - a spear would be already drawn back slightly to thrust.
    A player jumps towards you to strike, spear just goes straight through him doesn’t even register.
    take a sweep shot opponent carries on as if no hit taken. - you get cracked round the head, shoulders, legs that would knock you off balance at a minimum and push off to oneside.

  • except that’s wrong
    Spear 2 shots archers, MAAs, and Vangaurds

    it’s fine

  • inb4 closed

    Thats the way to go champ ,you kicked their butts so hard they have no choice but to buff the spear…

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