• For the first objective, please move the ballista’s to the second floor or make the palisade drop with two shots or half what it is now, because right now it’s near impossible to do it against a decent Mason defending team. The average players are not capable of doing this objective and only when the teams are unbalanced is this objective reasonably quick.

    I say move it to the second floor bellow is so those Masons who are defending, either don’t defend and stand up there shooting at people or they defend the objective properly, so both teams have a mix of defenders and attackers, then the people who aren’t focusing on objectives.

    It takes nearly 20 seconds to reach them and the Mason spawn is right there for anybody to jump out and kill those who are doing the objective.

  • They should make it so that the MAsons can’t just jump right next to the ballista’s out of their spawn. I’ve found it way too easy going that way, put a li’l wall there and make the Masons take the lower road, from their spawn, it’s still fair but it won’t be that easy to keep the Agathians away from the ballista’s anymore.

    Played the map 9 or 10 times now and only witnessed Agatha break through the first objective 3 times.
    From then on it’s actaully a little too easy for agatha imo, but i still love the map and that badass helmet Lord Malric is wearing.

  • The main issue to the map alone is the fact that the Masons spawn is right next to the objective point, that being the Ballistas. Aside from the first objective point, the rest of the map is relatively easy in terms of how difficult it is to achieve success.

    The first point really does defeat the purpose of the map entirely though, as many can’t get past that initial objective point. The spawns should be moved to somewhere like the second level or an equivalent area, so that it takes the Masons a bit longer to reach the defense.

    Another outstanding issue I’ve noticed is that the Ballistas can be destroyed by players, and it takes around 10-15 seconds for it to respawn, and when it does it defaults back to facing the Agathians.

    Aside from all criticism though, It’s a very fun map nonetheless and the devs have made great progression with the game thus far. :D

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