Streamline the existing content

  • First of all I wanted to say thanks to all the dev’s for making one of my favorite games of all time and thanks again to the dev’s for not only releasing new content quickly, but releasing it for free!(for anyone who bought the game).

    That being said the new content feels a little unfinished, the sling for example doesn’t have it’s own icons, not a big deal but I don’t feel the arrow icons are sufferance in post beta content. the sling in general feels underwhelming and I don’t know if it’s a bug but when i see a teammate/enemy swinging it around it just sticks on a single frame of animation(although playing with it the animations seems smooth).

    I hate to sound so complainy because again I’m thrilled about the new content, but what it seems like to me is lot’s of little issues are adding up to make the new patch feel sort of rushed. I don’t know what the next objectives are, but what i would like to see next in this game is some refining of the mechanics and content currently in the game. I love this game and would hate to see new players discouraged from playing but what looks like an incomplete game.

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