MAA: Shift - hold to run, tap to dodge (script inside)

  • Greetings fellow chivalrists. I come bearing gifts. I got frustrated with so many hotkeys to remember, so I made a script with which I can both dodge and run when necessary when using the Man-at-Arms class. I guess something like this could be also implemented in the game itself, but meanwhile you can use this with autohotkey:

    Send {Lshift Down}
    Loop, 16
    	If !GetKeyState("Lshift","P") {
    	        Send {Lshift Up}
    		Send ä
    	Sleep 30
    KeyWait LShift
    Send {Lshift Up}

  • How does it work? explain more please.


    Oh right i forgot to add. Replace the ä character in the script with something and bind dodge in game to the same key. Then it should work.

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