Anyway to re-lock weapons?

  • I enjoy this game, but I kinda want a goal other than winning again. Is there anyway to get your weapons re-locked (not rank too) and to have to unlock them all again?

  • A reset stats button which doesn’t remove your rank would be okay I suppose.

    AFAIK there isn’t one in game.

  • Yeah. I experienced that glitch where you lose it in the match you’re currently in and it got me thinking, I’d really be glad if this was permanent. I’d much enjoy going at all this again.

  • Another UE3 game I used to play had a console command “statreset username” that would wipe everything and you’d have to start all over again.

    It would be nice to have in this game, as I’d love to come back into the game some day as a level zero and school a bunch of people thinking I knew nothing about the game, lol.

  • Deleted your duplicate post.

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