Shield turn rate cap bypassed by queuing block

  • I posted about this bug weeks ago but I couldn’t find my original thread. It hasn’t been fixed and while it may seem low priority on paper, it’s certainly annoying to shield users.

    There’s a cap on aiming speed when you have your shield raised, but you can bypass this by queing up another block before your shield lowers - on the second shield raise (immediately after lowering from the first) your aiming speed will be unrestricted.

    This can be annoying as the sudden jarring transition from normal shield turn rate to unrestricted has made me do some hilarious, albeit annoying 180s exposing my back to the enemy when I’m doing high-reflex blocks.

  • This is already on our internal bug tracker but couldn’t make it in time for CU1, so it’ll be fixed for the follow up patch.

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