Torn Banner: Any plans to eliminate exploits?

  • By ‘exploits’ I mean moves such as looking into the ground to make one’s weapon strike earlier as well as the ability - mainly seen with the Vanguard due to his long ranged weapons and special ability - to start a swing while facing away from the opponent then quickly turning 180 degrees and hitting (this may even include the ‘Charge’ special Vanguard attack).

    I also would like to hear if you intend to let players continue to start weapon swings during jumping. I don’t regard this as an exploit in the sense of the above but IMO the game would be better without it and I’m interested in your stance on this.

    I presume these exploits are a consequence of the way the engine works and would be difficult to get rid of but I nonetheless find them to greatly disrupt my enjoyment of the game and want to hear if you have any changes planned. I find that as increasingly more people get experienced with the game, more often am I facing opponents that rely on exploits as their main battle strategy.

    Do you recognize these as exploits and is it possible/do you have plans to do anything about them?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: If you’re not affilated with Torn Banner please refrain from posting your opinion on how these ‘aren’t exploits’ - I’m only interested in the ‘official’ response.

  • They are not exploits. It’s even suggested as a tactic in one of the loading screens (I think). You can speed up or slow down your attack by looking away or toward someone.

  • To be honest it actually gives the game more variety. It would be too easy without any speeding up or slowing down your attack.

  • Can someone from Torn Banner please “officially” tell this guy that he’s a jackass?

  • I’ve found that it’s super easy to exploit with the new stamina regeneration thing that was added with the new patch. I just get a knight with mace and shield or just any ol’ spammy weapon and left click until i run out of stam, when block when they attack me and poof, more magical stamina appears which i just repeat over and over again. All i do is just run in circles and spam then quickly block to regain stamina.

    Also, without throwables in duel mode, archers are easily getting kills by just running in circles in duel mode until you get bored then turning around and shooting you. I spent 4 minutes just chasing an archer around in circle and barely surviving because I just got so bored of holding down shift+w.

    Also dane ax still not nerfed gwaaar, I just spam that thing all day so OP.

    Either way, after this patch, a lot of stuff that was fine and was altered unnecessarily.

  • Warband knows this as well.
    Same problem.

    There should be a speed limiter to body movement, so no meatspinning autism-simulating players that exploit their way into game and such to get their 30-2 score.

  • The only “exploiting” of weapondragging during attacks is animation skip, especially on overhead bardiche - it freezes on half of the overhead sing and you get hit same instant moment.

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