Proper First Person.

  • Play Chivalry, Look down, you see your legs, move your mouse left to right, your leg just stays still as your body rotates.

    If you look at mount and blade warband, or Dark Messiah might and magic, you will see examples of proper first person. thank you

  • WhenI’m chopping people’s heads off and dodging arrows i don’t really find it necessary to stare at my hips…would be kind of a waste of time and effort imo

  • It would compliment realism and first person aesthetics of the game a lot more, but in terms of functionality it doesn’t do the game play any justice.

    Would be a nice feature but It’s not overly necessary.

  • What?
    Mount&Blade’s first person is fucked up… it’s basically just the camera put at your character model’s head. I hardly know anyone who likes to play 1st person in M&B.

    Also in Chivalry you see your legs. Most FPS don’t have that.

  • FPV in M and B sucks :P I always play in 3d, get seasisck from fpv in M and B :P

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