[WEP] The Thrusting Dagger

  • “The weapon of the advocate is the sword of the soldier, not the dagger of the assassin.”
    Alexander Cockburn

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    Remember, when using a dagger, there is no honor.
    Everybody will see you as a weak and easy target, and that is what you want they to think.
    Always expect no pity for you, and spare noone for your enemies.

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    < prescriptum: this guide is mainly designed for archers, but same tactics are applied to MAAs. >

    Hello everyone I’m Nevetz and today I’m going to show you how to use daggers especially the Thrusting. I usually play it with archer and Shortbow, a deadly combination that gives me the opportunity to help around the battlefield while striking heads at mid range and assassinate who is already wounded with my trusted Thrusting. First, its stats:

    • Damage: 24* Speed: 92* Range: 9

      It is very similar to the first dagger, which has 3 less damage but it has a larger/longer blade. Compared to broad dagger it has weak slash and overhead damage (even if overhead animation looks like a stronger stab) but a very dangeros stab, and that is what you are going to use mainly. Quick hit-and-run stabs are a very effective and annoying (for your opponent of course) tactic that you can also use to manage large group of fighters by running between duels and interrupting enemies attacks with a quick stab in their back.

      By the time I’m writing this guide I’m rank 31 and I’m surprised I’ve never made almost anyone using daggers, and, even less, killing with them. I decidedto try them out by myself, and I found out they are very good if played in the right way.

      Remember that Thrusting has a very tiny blade and you’ll need to aim to your target carefully, and well, because you’ll keep moving around/very close to him. You really don’t want to miss with not even one stab, because you’ll give the enemy the opportunity to kill you (and if you are playing archer, you’ll die fast)

      So, what’s this right way?

      As everyone would think, daggers are a single-threat weapon. Well, you are quite all right. Specially Thrusting, daggers give their best while fighting a single enemy at time, pressing him with the speed, over than the damage.
      If you are facing 2 or more enemies with one handed weapons, you’d better run to get some backup from your teammates instead of throwing you into a high risk fight.
      Still, Thrusting can be used in 2 vs 1 fight, but you have to choose carefully based on what weapons are the enemis carrying (we’ll see this later).

      1 vs 1 Tactic:
      The base: daggers are the fastest weapons of the game, but they lack of range and blocking eats a lot of your stamina. What you want to do is to trick your enemy into a fight where he thinks he has already won. This will make him arrogant and easier to cut down.
      Open the fight by staying away from him, and start circling on your position, with little sprints onward followed by retrats with S. This will give the enemy the idea you are trying to find a way to attack him and will let you how heedful your opponent is. If doing this he won’t start slashing the air, it will be more tricky. If as soon as you start sprinting to him he’ll start cutting immaginary cheese wheels, probably he’s going to die.
      Sooner or later anyway he’ll swing his weapon ahead, and THAT will be your only window to start attacking. Instead of blocking his attack you must avoid it by staying out of his reach or with a duck (watch the ground for better chances). If you avoid it correctly, your archer/MAA will be fast enought to perform a sprint to the enemy and stab him. This will usually interrupt his next attack, that will be probably already charging by the time you hit him. Now let’s see which type of enemy you are facing:

      :: 1 vs 1, enemy has 2h weapon :: Here is where usually falls in the n00b: after you first stab, he’ll parry. If he’ll do it, you’ll stab him again staying very near him. If timing is correct, you will hit him by the time he will lower his block. And then, he’s probably going to parry again because he got hit (it’s some kind of natural reaction when you are getting hit by a fast close range weapon). All you have to do is just to time your stabs when he lowers the block. After the second block he can understand your trick and try a slash or another attack, or he will wait. If he attacks, don’t think 2 times on parrying. Parry, probably he will be too pressed and with too low health to try a feint. However he does, parry and retreat back. Then start again, try sprinting to him and see his reaction. Continue moving to keep him busy, try a slash from a quite far distance and feint it, if he block try a sprint+stab, he won’t last long. In my experience, 80% of this duels end at the start, when they fail to block the first stab. Everything that comes after will be natural, and deadly.

      :: 1 vs 1, enemy has shield :: Shields are a bit more tricky to pass over, since you can’t just spam stabs so easly like 2-handers. Best way I found out to pass them over is to place yourself right in front of their shield, where they usually can’t see you. Better if you crouch. When they start turning to see you, make a quick jump to the left and cast an overhead. If everything works fine, you’ll land an overhead right into his face. If he keeps blocking try kicks and sprint+stab. Remember shielded enemies attack slower then 1 handers, so you can also think to parry an incoming attack then, if you are close enought, try a slash/stab as you recover from the parry.

      :: 1 vs 1, enemy has 1h weapon only :: Things get hard, usually because those guys are MAA who dodge around like you. They’ll probably try to take you down with dodge ahead and LMB spam if they have sword or overhead spam with axes. A risky but very effective way to stop them is to stab the air just before they sprint on you. If it works, you’ll interrupt (maybe, ping and timing are all) his attack and leave him with no defence. Try adding a combo stab to the first one, since if he hits you, you won’t have time to parry anyway but if it doesn’t, you’ll be able to take him down. Moving fast is the key. Remember usually 1h weapons have low range so also a quick retreat can work.

      2 vs 1 Tactic:

      On the battlefield you do not fight alone, so does the enemy. Even if a 2 vs 1 should ALWAYS be avoided, you’ll have to manage to survive if you encounter more than a single enemy. Since your weapon isn’t designed for wide attacks nor for a good defense, you’ll have to rely on your speed. In most of the players, 2 vs an archer always mean “who of us kills him gets the point”. Let this be their ruin. Both of them will try to cut you down as soon as possible and the more n00b they are the more they’ll swing around. Friendly fire has been reduced since launch but it can still hurt more than your knife. Run, dodge and parry. Let them bleed with their own weapons. When you see someone covered in blood or easier to kil, try fast hit-and-run stabs. If you manage to stay alive, it’s better to kill the weakest of your opposers, since when he’ll die you’ll be able to use every 1 vs 1 tactic written above.
      2 vs 1 IS NOT EASY and most of the times you’ll probably die, specially if one or both your enemies have 1-shot-1-kil weapons for light armored.
      You can also manage to lure your opponents into your other teammates: in that case, try to run away from the new fight since blades will start fly all around, and for an acher is never good to have blades flying around, friendlies or baddies. Take your bow and try not to kill your helpers.

      Of other archers:

      :: versus bowmen and crossbowmen :: archers can be killed with your primary ranged if you are better than them or if at close range with the easiest LMB combo. Remember archers play in defense when in close combat since they usually use the bow, not the knife, so except more blocks than attacks. Feints are your best friends. Or just LMB spam, seriously, there is no reason to be so professional when fighting other archers. Sometimes some experience archers will try an aggressive approach in 1 vs 1 fights. Usually they’ll have Cudgel and will try to kill you ASAP with an lmb combo. Try dodging some of his attacks and when he stops run into him with a quick stab, then follow with other stabs. 2 hits usually kill them.

      :: versus javelin archers :: those are a bit tricky since they always come with a shield and a mid/close range ranged weapon that can one-shots you easly. try using the terrain as your friend. Don’t run on open fields. A surprise attack behind a cover can decree his death. Once in close combat, it won’t really be a problem to feint him or use his attacks at your advantage (as explained in 1 vs 1 base tactic).


      Knifes aren’t the weapons which will make you dominate the battlefield. They aren’t even easy to learn. Most of the fight are a high risk for you. But still, killing and prevailing over your heavly armored shining Knights enemies with a no-armor, fork-equipped miserable has totally NO PRICE. Whoever knows only a bit of the game will congratulate with you if you manage to kill them. It’s a very personal rewarding gameplay and even if your K/D ratio will be only between 1 and 2 you’ll feel happy to have killed so many better equipped players with your little tricky knife.

      - Nevetz, of the Order of the Masons.

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