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  • It’s less than half a week now. I thought I might post one more topic to keep up some interesting conversation.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but feel like the sword section in the arsenal is weak. Especially for the Knight. Based on a comment that Slygoat told me about the Knight’s choice weapons, it seems like he is stuck with a lot of blunt and axe weapons. I thought for sure the esteemed Knight would have more swords to choose from.

    With the extra weaponry promised in the kickstarter, what would you like to see added specifically sword wise?

    As my knowledge of swords is a bit low, I wouldn’t know what would be a reasonable suggestion. Maybe a shamishir?

  • I don’t see how many more swords you can add without the new swords being essentially only cosmetically different, or the stats being very counterintuitive. For example, how would the shamshir you suggest differ from the saber stat-wise?

  • I think a good 1 handed sword would be good. A heavy hitting slow 1 handed sword or something like that.

  • I think the knight’s selection of weapons is very good. He has a couple options for two-handed blunt weapons as well as a one-handed blunt weapon, two big axes, and the very versatile pole axe, so his loadout represents pretty much every kind of weapon option - plus he has three additional one-handed swords and blunts as backups. The three bastard swords he has offer a good variety and can both be wielded one- or two-handed; the sword of war is shorter and does lighter damage but is quite fast, the messer is slow with a weak stab but very powerful slashes, and the classic longsword is all-around well balanced. The one thing I do think the knight is missing is a long stabbing sword (or long stabbing weapon in general), so I’d really like to see the estoc as an option for him - specifically a Polish estoc which had upwards of a 52 inch long blade, a good five to ten inches longer than a longsword.

    Edit: And a shamshir isn’t a very knightly weapon. It would be horribly ineffective against armor because the radical curvature makes it unsuitable for thrusting. A weapon that is only effective against unarmored opponents would be considered a peasant weapon and not worthy of use. And it goes against the theme of knights within the game as well because it’s a relatively light blade whereas the knight is focused on the biggest, heaviest weapons. Otherwise the flanged mace would be a knight primary, because weapons like flanged maces made entirely of steel were definitely not within the price range of a common infantry (I.E. man-at-arms in-game).

  • Again, maybe it’s just me. Yeah, the shamishir was probably a weak idea; it’s not like I know anything about swords.

    Maybe if they do add more swords they should be unique compared to common blades. Maybe new blades with unique functions like; powerful thrusts, crushing weight, easy to block with, sort of thing. I’ve seen the estoc idea come up a couple of times as a strong thrusting weapon for the Knight.

  • for me they should add a katana xD, (obviously they would make some changes like the name and some appearence things to fit the theme), basically my idea is put some sword that would be relatively well in thrusting and really cutting in slash you know, a weapon that a knight would simply devastate light armour “men-at-arms” and wouldn’t be so well against heavy armour ya know. and not too slow but not fast either.

  • Piano !
    I’m getting short on pianos, so I might need to throw other big things at people…

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