Non-Competitive Option(Self picked Class-Weapon combo)

  • So, in the most recent free weekend trailer. Some of you may notice Vanguard with bow and the big flat sword.

    I kinda hope that we will get a non-competitive option for servers that allow player to pick their favorite class along with their favorite weapon. Example:

    MAA with Great sword.
    Knight with Crossbow
    Archer with Frail
    Vanguard with dagger

    Mostly for having fun to see how the class ability handle with the weapon their aren’t intended to use.

    I would love to see Vanguard doing charging attack with Dagger lol.

  • This is actually a very fun idea.
    Having a knight wield a halberd and an archer handle the spear would be pretty need to try out.

    Also a charge attack with the maul I would like to see :D

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