Fundamental Swing/Stab/Overhead Mechanics

  • I am sad to see no other feeback to this as of yet.
    So I will try to expand on an idea of a user named, Wolfram.
    His thread located here; viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10139

    The “Swing Mechanic” (Stabs and Overheads too!) I feel needs polish, and lots of it.

    ex. A vanguard facing the opposite direction with say, a greatsword can hit you with a horizontal or overhead swing, while you are behind him and have it do full damage to you.

    Or other situations when in close quarters a horizontal strike hitting you nearly with his crossguard or handle, or very damn near close to it.

    OR the infamous “Look-Down-Overhead” where you take advantage of the positioning of the starting of the animation by looking downward making it faster to hit your opponent.

    The stab too should do the most damage at the point where the most momentum is behind the stab. None of this “lightsabering” (Landing a stab in the animation where you are no longer stabbing but are just holding your weapon straight without any momentum) nonsense.

    These attacks do NOT have enough momentum to deal the damage they do currently.
    It makes it feel as if combat is not “meaty” or have weight behind it and instead just a game of hitboxes.

    This feels really lazy, and I suspect would be far from impossible to solve.

    Varied damage values throughout the animation would prevent the abuse of the aforementioned tactics.
    Varying from weapon to weapon and the separate attacks this would prove to be a time consuming and perhaps difficult task, but I feel it would be a very, very good decision and would be appreciated by many in both the competitive and casual communities.

    Think of the whole new dynamic to combat and making it more apparent how skill-based this game is. I get tons of comments from people that this game is nothing more than “Get a big sword and click really fast”
    It can also bring a new dynamic to weapon balance and open up doors for other weapons that are currently not being used.

    Please feel free to add or critique my suggestion and check back after some replies, I’m bound to edit my ideas after some input. (This is posted in both Balance and Game Mechanics and Ideas and Suggestions as I feel it falls under the same categories and I wish to recieve as much input as possible.)

  • I actually came up with this same idea myself as a way to combat some of the ridiculous and accidental kills in the game. I’ve seen way too many instances of someone trying to stab a vanguard in the back and getting killed after brushing the back edge of the vanguard’s stationary weapon at the beginning of their swing. Damage changing over the course of the swing would go a long way towards alleviating that problem.

    Another idea I had is to reduce the weapon damage for each consecutive hit during a swing since hitting someone should theoretically slow the weapon down. Whether this idea would be good for game balance I can’t say.

  • This game is VERY skill based. After investing a couple hundred hours, I find myself consistently in the top of the scoreboard, if I’m using the classes and weapons I know best. I can win FFA consistently with said weapons. That’s not luck, it’s SKILL.

    While realism is all well and good, it’s bad when it hurts gameplay. Your suggestion will make combat much, much more complicated. The warrior’s head is already swamped with tons of decisions to make such as footwork, attack choice, timing, parrying, watching out for multiple opponent, knowing when to retreat, and many more things which should all be considered for making the optimal moves. And, on top on all of that, you want to add varying damage through swings? The game will be extremely hard to play and learning a new weapon will get much harder.

    Te game is fine as it is. It’s not ultra realistic but it’s very enjoyable.

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