One crucial thing regarding further customization

  • I love the idea of armour customization and more options when it comes to helmets etc. I just wanted to offer one crucial piece of advice.

    Don’t bring out armour pieces that clearly belong to separate outfits. What this leads to is you either have 10 guys running around with the same outfit or you have a bunch of guys running around with mismatched pieces of different outfits that clearly don’t work well together.

    Don’t do the whole "this is the viking set, this is the battle-damaged set, this is the golden set, this is the roman set and you can mix and match but it’ll just look like this:

    In short, don’t have pieces that clearly belong to a specific outfit, instead have a bunch of different pieces that would fit perfectly well in any combination.

  • I bump thee.

  • My idea (link in signature) is that each class on each team will be able to change body type between 3-4 different bodies. These body types don’t differ THAT much from eachother, because you still want them to look like they belong to the same team (so nothing like an Agathian Man-at-Arms putting on Roman armour.) Additionally to this, there would be like 8 different helmets to choose from for each class and team. Including helmets that you unlock through Veteran achievements or whatnot, which will differ from the standard helmets. Then I also have the idea of reaching some kind of Master achievement, which will grant you a unique appearance. The idea I have here is that the two defensive classes, Archer and Knight, get cloaks, and the two Offensive classes, Man-at-Arms and Vanguard, get some additional armour with ornaments (no stat change).

    Of course, there will still be people running around looking the same. But they all do that now. It will just be a lot less of that if people can choose between body types and helmets and unique item if they’ve reached that level. Oh, and I almost forgot, you should also be able to choose your crest/coat of arm/heraldry, which will be shown on your shield (and tabards if you have one.) The Vanguards will be perfect for this with their tabards, as you can change patterns and coat of arms on them. This will be instead of body options for Vanguards.

    Check my thread and leave a reply if you find it interesting!

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