Eliminate weapon unlocking.

  • I agree that weapon unlocking is a bad thing - you should have access to all weaponry when it comes to an online gaming as otherwise you are at disadvantage of having less choice, which is pretty important part in this game, considering how choice of a weapon influences your playstyle in the game.

  • Oh please, don’t be lazy. Many of the best weapons in the game are open in the beginning. If you found yourself outmatched in battle, it is NOT because of weapon disadvantage I assure you.

  • Weapon unlocking is a form of artificial extension of gameplay. It’s extremely popular in modern gaming; it’s a form of “carrot-on-a-stick” gaming. People like it.

    It has the negative effect of encouraging sub-optimal play through desire for kills, as well as making use of weapons in incorrect situations (like an MaA running around with a broad dagger to unlock the other daggers).

    I don’t like it. It’s a net negative effect for what little pleasure it grants. But most people do like it, and at the very least, it’s not as terrible and grindy as other games. 25 and 75 is pretty fair, even if it’s obnoxious in the beginning.

    Unfortunately, it’s a little too late to remove, so it’s here to stay.

  • It doesn’t exactly require a grind…… I don’t know how you can compare it to any other games unlocks where a weapon can take a week.

  • @gregcau:

    Disagree completely. I enjoyed the challenge of progressing to make the weapons unlock.

    It encourages people to play each class which is a good thing.

    yesss dont be lazy !!! Edward III in the battle said: “Let the boy win his spurs” if you are noob i think you have to figth and progresive unlock all weapons for be a complete and skilled players of chivalry medieval warfare

  • I say that you’re just being lazy here, OP.

    Unlocking all the weapons is a fun incentive, getting to try out weapons you’ve not used before.

    If you’re able to use every weapon from the get-go, you’ll see a lot less game traffic :/

  • I enjoy unlockables. It’s hard to keep a multiplayer game new and fresh if everything’s laid out for you on the table from day one. It’s good to make players feel as if they’ve earned the equipment they’re using and that they have something to show for the time they’ve sunk into the game. It’s also a way to give it a potential start and finish which is great if you’re a completionist - or the so called “carrot-on-a-stick” gamers - but they’re just there to complete the game and then move on which I don’t have a problem with. It’s what they enjoy.

    I think unlockables only hurt games in free-to-play environments, or when unlocked equipment is actually better than the last.

  • I don’t think games should rely on unlockables to maintain interest. The gameplay SHOULD speak for itself.

    OK it’s fair enough that it might encourage (force) you to try out all weapons thoroughly, but I think 75 kills needed to progress to the third tier of secondary weapons is a bit too much in some cases because, as mentioned earlier, people end up playing solely to try and grind kills with those weapons at the expense of optimal play. I’m sure the only reason anyone uses the MAA secondaries is to unlock the other secondaries.

  • @Hadron:

    If you’re able to use every weapon from the get-go, you’ll see a lot less game traffic :/

    While people will agree and disagree on whether or not unlock systems are fun, the fact of the matter is most people enjoy them.


    I don’t think games should rely on unlockables to maintain interest. The gameplay SHOULD speak for itself.

    This is how I feel about games. But… it’s a rare mindset these days. Most gamers would rather not have to spend a lot of time honing their skills or learning a game, because that’s not fun for them. So if they go into a game without that desire, they’ll get bored easily. “Carrot-on-a-stick” features assuade that by giving them a goal other than “become skilled at the game.”

    I just wish features like these would stay in more casual games. Chivalry’s not something I would exactly consider casual. But, what’s done is done.

  • I didn’t read this thread, at all…
    But if some people really don’t like unlocking things, And don’t mind wasting a couple of hours.

    Step 1. Make a server

    Step 2. Spawn bots

    Step 3. Kill bots

    Step 4. Unlock all the weapons

    You could add a couple of buds too if you’re bored…

  • It’s a big incentive for new players to stay a bit longer and not quitting when they get slammed by more experienced players. They think they’ll be able to slam noobs like that too once they get the last weapons. It motivates you not to always play the same class, too

    I would be all for disabling it though, but I’m more of an unpopular opinion. I just prefer as much equality as possible when it comes to player vs player, doesn’t matter if noob or not

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