Need a way to control duel map length

  • I’m creating a seperate thread under the hopes that it will get noticed, because this IMO is a fairly big issue that makes duel mode impractical.

    The default requiring of 10 duels to win a round makes the duel maps take roughly 3-5 times as long as other map types in your cycle. So mixed mode servers suffer from adding duel to their lineup - people who don’t like duel, or simply don’t like playing the same map/mode for a half hour or more will quit as soon as a duel map comes up. They are unfortunately toxic to a mixed mode server in their current state.

    We need a way to either set the number of duel rounds required to win, or be able to put a time limit on it.

    In the config file, there is a line


    But changing that to some other number of rounds, say 5, doesn’t actually do anything.

    Most of the other variables need two steps. They need some sort of Override=True, OverRideNumber=X, so are we missing the necesary override variable? Is there some way to force a time limit on duel mode?

    Please advise us of how we can get this working so that I can put duel maps back into my rotation.

  • No one knows how to do this?

  • You need to switch bUseCustomNumberOfGamesToWin to True as well, but obviously the Chiv devs forgot to make that public.

    var bool bUseCustomNumberOfGamesToWin;
    var globalconfig int iCustomRoundsToWin;
    function CheckDuelScore(int DuelIndex)
        local int ThresholdToUse;
        if (bUseCustomNumberOfGamesToWin)
            ThresholdToUse = iCustomRoundsToWin;
        if (AOCDuelPRI(CurrentDuels[DuelIndex].AgathaPlayers[0].PlayerReplicationInfo).DuelWins >= ThresholdToUse)
            if (!CheckDuelsInProgress())
                EndGame(CurrentDuels[DuelIndex].AgathaPlayers[0].PlayerReplicationInfo, "Winner");
    ```**So for you there is nothing to do right now.**

  • So there’s nothing you can do to somehow enable those variables via the server INIs?

  • Yes, waiting for another patch.

    Right now you can do nothing as the responsible variable from the current patch is hard-coded to not use custom length settings.

    So only way to speed up the duel game would be to login yourself as admin and using commands like “aoc_endGame” or “AdminChangeMap” until then.

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