Random Loadout Challenge!

  • Decided to record something silly. Here is a full uncut, unedited FFA session. The catch? After every life, I roll a completely random class and loadout. Watch the video to find out how successful I am.


    Personal Highlights:

    ! Star Weapon - The Warhammer
    ! Wow. I haven’t used this since I unlocked the Maul but it sure as hell kicked ass and I had a lot of fun playing with it. I might start playing Knight with this loadout more often.
    ! Favorite moment: Sad Flail Droop
    ! 2:07 when I noticed I had the Flail I let out a sigh. Didn’t notice until I watched this but the movement of my hand caused the camera to droop down, reflecting my mood.
    ! Most embarrassing moment - Failguard
    ! 05:20 I decide to disregard all sane actions and do a sprint attack with the Shortsword. EVERYTHING goes downhill from that moment on.
    ! Star Bug - Cursed Throwing Knives
    ! At 7:35, I couldn’t switch away from my throwing knives ;_;
    ! It kept playing an improper input sound effect until I got hit, but by then it was already too late.

    Anyway, I decided “why not make a community thing out of this?”

    So I challenge all of you to do the same!

    Record an FFA match of you trying to win with random loadouts after each life. Duel mode would also work if you don’t care about your score.


  • I like this challenge.

  • Did this for a ~5 rounds, really fun! If only I was able to record the game without lagging!

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