Game will not start.

  • I have been playing Chivalry for a week or two now but the a coupledays ago when I tried to start the game it popped up that little window before the launch as usual but after a few long seconds it went away and the game never launched. I have tried several times and get the same outcome every time. So far I have tried restarting PC and steam, validating the files and reinstalling completely. I have been playing it so I know my machine can run it so I dont know what else to do about this.

  • Please attach your Launch.log and DxDiag.txt in a reply here.

    Launch.log is found here: Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Logs

    DxDiag.txt is generated by clicking the Windows Start Menu, typing dxdiag into the search field, selecting dxdiag.exe from the search results, and then clicking the Save All Information button in the dxdiag app.

  • There are the 2 files you asked for.

  • @AcesWild615:

    There are the 2 files you asked for.

    Your video card drivers are almost a year old, just a FYI.

    Anyway, do you happen to have Comcast Constant Guard? That has been the latest party pooper.

  • yes I do…

  • @AcesWild615:

    yes I do…

    You will probably see a little icon in the bottom right corner/system task tray saying that it’s blocking Chivalry.

    Anyway, you need to allow it through Constant Guard.

  • i’ve never seen that icon pop up when launching Chivalry

  • @AcesWild615:

    i’ve never seen that icon pop up when launching Chivalry

    I don’t have the program so I cannot really comment further… Lots of people have had an issue with Constant Guard since the latest patch. I’d recommend letting it through just to be safe.

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