Idea for new gamemode / map design / training

  • I’ve already told my idea to a few on teamspeak, lets see if you guys like it:

    Basically it comes down to the map design. I really like on Hillside on the 2nd objective where agatha has to destroy the trebuchets. One of the funnest things is trebuchet 4 because you get to fight for and guard that bridge. This also happens in darkforest when you get to the king’s family slaying part and have that narrow log you can cross.

    My idea is for a map that just has a long bridge on it that both teams need to cross. It would be a gamemode sort of like a tug of war. So basically the teams would have to push hard enough to get to the other side, and whichever team successfully did so would end up winning the game mode. Now of course we would have to logistically think of where to spawn people, how long between, and how long/wide the bridge should be, but i like the idea, personally (of course i had it, right?)

    I also thought this may even be a good training maps to teach teams to work together. If you are forced to be side by side with your team and push forward. I’m hoping that it will teach players to not team attack as much as it will hurt your teams goal. It would also teach people how to fight alongside eachother and trade blocks and attacks with their flankmates. It may even bring on more pushing strategies.

    The only thing about this gamemode which would make it annoying or not particularly fun are ranged weapons / throwables. Oil pots would be highly used, throwing, archers would be annoying… so honestly i tiink in this map/gamemode they need to be disabled unfortunately… unless you want to see a whole team of archers standing at the end in a wall picking everyone off.

    I think theres room for discussion/tweaks/etc… but I think it would be fun and potentially beneficial. What do you guys think?

  • aye why not.

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