Fix the Shield

  • I’ve heard that there is a bug with the shield hit box that allows people to thrust right through it, has this been confirmed?

    Can someone explain why it’s actually more difficult to block with a shield compared to a weapon parry?

    If it’s a gameplay thing then fine, I’ll just move on and play a MaA or Vanguard and spam combos like everyone else and accept that the game hates shields.

  • Actually, it’s easier to use the shield than the normal blocks, but people will often just put it up thinking they’re completely safe - if you wanna know why, look at my tutorial on Tactics and Tutorials section - shields are directional, too!

    And yes, sometimes a person can hit right through a shield. Model clipping issues.

  • I’ve noticed this happening a lot with alternate swings as of late. I put my shield up at the right time and aim in the right direction of the enemy’s swing yet it just goes through me.
    This would need some reproducible testing and footage if it is indeed an existing issue.

  • I have been doing sword and shield for a lot of duelling.

    There is no such bug, or if there is its very rare. A shield does not make you impervious, if they get an angle on you it can get through of course.

  • A bug was identified that allowed you to attack through shields in the block position (but wasn’t actually blocking code-wise) and has been fixed for the next patch. It was something to do with the shield being dropped and when it was bought up again it looked like it was down for the attacker? I don’t remember the exact details, I just know something was fixed =P

  • I hope what you say is true. The thing really pushing me away from the javelin is that stupid buckler that even lets stabs through right before my eyes :(
    The explanation does explain a bit why it happened a lot with me, I mainly use it as a time extension (so I drop it immediately after I block an attack) and change my blocking continuously.

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