Medieval fps + Zeds = ?

  • why not to make a real good ol zombie mode to this? i mean think about it.

    a bunch of ppl like 15 players that are playing all classes (archer,maa,vanguard,heavy knight) and then suddenly an army of those good old slow walking only decap or head in kill zeds stumble in and try to eat them alive, typical bite can infect, player can turn zed stuff and waves and barricades n that.

    and players could turn into zeds, or if they managed to take them down for a long time get a “mage” that cures the zeds or something……

    think about the awesomeness one standing inside the mass of zeds swinging a long weapon supported by some archers trying to take least a few down and all that epicnes, i like htat idea and i dont think there has ever been a game that has a medieval zed mode

    ps . only them good old walker deads dont wanna see exploding fattys or something like that

  • Someone made a thread about this a while ago.

    There were supporters for a mod in wich you slayed zombies, and supporters for a mod where you slayed rebels (peasants armed with simple weaponry). The overwhelming majority of the community is also looking forward to a mode in wich you can slaughter barrels.

    So, it is possible that you can see this gamemode, probably if someone with talent creates the mod. Its Unreal Engine after all, it has to be possible to make.

  • slaughtering barrels? well for training that might be fun … but a gamemode? no thx i stay to the ordinary game XD

  • Wut ?
    You refuse to join us under thy holy banner of barrel-slaying in a might barrel-steamroll-ade ?
    Thou must be some of dose pesky peasants not to wish joining this mighty host of us to destroy the barrel menace and free this sacred land from the tyranny of these evil beings !
    This threat must not be underestimated for our cause is just and this combat we’re going to might prove to be one of humanity’s most difficult fights !
    This task must be achieved for this land to ever know peace, and yet you refuse our offer ?
    You prefer kinslaying to a just war ?
    What are you really trying to do ? Acting as a spy on the account of the secretly placed Barrel HQ like this thrice damned SpyGoat ?
    Or maybe you are simply a coward, and driven to combat only by the promises of lands and gold for your sole glory !
    Anyway, I wish never to find you again on our sacred way, or you will wish you hadn’t stood there !

  • The barrels will rise up and cast off the shackles of human oppression.

  • …… so much about that question of mine. well u guys should get to know the barrels better, they are nice at times, mainly because they cannot talk bullshit

  • Theres another thread whith this discussion man, search for it and you can read different opinions there.

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