Chivalry Medival Warfare For Xbox 360 And PS3

  • Guys, My Computer Cannot Run The Game No Matter What I Do.

    So, I Created This Petition For The Good Of Chivalry. Anybody Who Signs Up Gives Me A Better Chance For Receving This On XBLA. So Sign Up If U Play Xbox 360 Or Hate Keyboard & Mouse Controls.



  • Check this, you may be interested.

  • Wouldn’t creating the game on a console take a LOT of time and experience to do? Something that Torn Banner has NEITHER of at the moment.

    This is TB’s very first commercial game, (besides the AoC HL2 mod), therefore although the X-box controller seems to work ok, I’m unsure if they’d have enough knowledge of the architecture and so on to easily port it to consoles. Signing a petition, wouldn’t change that in any way…

    I have massive respect for TB for giving us such an awesome game, however you must realise they aren’t EA or Valve, and have nowhere near the money, knowledge/experience, and resources that such companies have for this sort of thing. :P

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