Good place to look into

  • A good place to find new ideas from is mount and blade that is a good medieval game and if you better the things that they missed this game could be the best around.

  • While we’re on the subject, I’m sick of the press describing Chivalry as the Call of Doootie to Warbands Battlefield. A better description would have Chivalry as a 2007 Ghost Recon to Warbands clunky unintuitive Arma.

  • While we are on this subject furthermore… Why does everyone have to say these games are like those games !! These are my favorite games, forget Call of Duty and Battlefield, those are like these games ! >:)

  • Chivalry would be devil may cry, while war of the roses would be that unpolished, clumsy hack´n´slash with unnaccurate controls wich has a name I cant really remember now.

  • uhm well agreed wotr is bad, range is bullshit, everyone is hacknslash, no need to parry we are all gods, style wich really sucks. but this game offers something others dont. HOLLYWOOD REALISM

  • Hollywood realism, that’s the word !
    Historical realism is fine, but does not compare gameplay wise.

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