Radial Menu for Calls

  • A la Left 4 Dead…

    Instead of hitting Z or X (once or twice) and then choosing a number between 1 and 5, hold those one of those buttons down and flick your mouse to choose a call. I find this is very simple and quick in Left 4 Dead and would like to see something like this in Chivalry. Fewer key presses, faster, and more accurate.

    Just a thought.


  • Ah, no thank you, as it can really mess up your aim and FOV. How about making it optional, in the settings menu?

  • I actually find the way they have done it faster. Its really easy to remember the important ones. Like sorry or get the objective.

    It also means you can do it in combat situations.

  • I find that the current system we have now is proper for the game. Although I prefer the even older system, which involved one key and then the nummerals to find what you wanted to say, devided up inro catagories.

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