• I will start with I very much enjoy this game. I’m 43 and don’t know if most of you remember playing “Die by the Sword” but this game reminds me quite a of it.

    Odds and ends.

    • Vanguards… I refer to them as the " Training wheel " class as it is the easiest to play and I get quite the chuckle out of the “Bravado” (in game ) spouted by those that use them and boast about their K/D.

    • Fists…. Really??? An almost permanent stun lock and virtually impossible to create distance if someone has managed to get in close because of the now broken kick…

    • Oh hey… The broken kick… Please increase it’s speed again… Not like you are swinging a 30 kilo mace…

    • The rather laughable new fad of being pertinently bent over while you fight… ( it’s called an overhand swing and all that is for nothing…)

    • Why does a crossbowman switch to a secondary weapon faster than an archer?

    Again I will state I do very much enjoy the game, just a few things I’ve noticed as of late…

    In Game ( Canadian )

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