Configuration Non-Dedicated Server

  • ~~I am really struggling with this. I have no idea what configs exactly I must use!
    I have figured out that the ini files in “…\documents\my games\chivalry medieval warfare” are for the user only, not the server. (I am not sure!)
    And I’ve figured out, all ini’s starting with “PCServer-” are for DEDICATED Servers… And I want to configure a non-dedicated server.
    Lets say I want to configure configs of the game and engine… I can choose from DefaultGame.ini, DefaultGameUDK.ini, UDKGame.ini and DefaultEngine.ini, DefaultEngine.ini, UDKEngine.ini. And I even have some files in different folders.
    In location such as “…\UDKGame\Config” and “…\UDKGame\Config\PCServer\Cooked”…
    So, I am quite lost…

    Please, give me a clear answer where the working configuration files are for a non-dedicated server.
    Thank you!~~

    I think I’ve found out which are the NON-Dedicated server configuration files… It are the user configure files!
    So all INI files located “…\documents\my games\chivalry medieval warfare” are for NON-Dedicated Server files…

  • Edited post :)

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