Need help with mouse choice!

  • Hey Guys,
    since the patch came out it brought a new challenge for my Logitech Mx310 that I´ve been using for about 6 years!!!
    Don´t worry the mouse is still alive and functions well but I´d like to get a better one. I have a few specific criteria that I want my mouse to meet:

    1. Size
      I want a big mouse! I don´t know about you but my palm is fucking huge :D. I want to lay my hand nicely on the mouse so it can rest and the fingers don´t have to crouch to press the buttons. Weight doesn´t matter.

    2. Buttons for days, please!
      It should have 7 at least but more is welcome. But what´s really important for me is that there are 2 thumb mouse buttons that are just in the right place (where the thumb naturally holds the mouse).

    3. No side lights!
      Those are just annoying as hell to me :D.

    4. Cabel
      I don´t want a wireless one. I find it not needed and I don´t want the battery to run out in the middle of headcrushing…

    So if you guys have tips on mice that you think could meet my criteria feel free to just write the name, maybe a few words about it :-). I know I´m picky…but hell…how can you not be…WHEN YOU´RE CRUSHING SKULLS IN CHIVALRY!!

  • Razer Naga.

  • Oooo Necro posting!

  • @Matti:

    Oooo Necro posting!

    You what mate

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