A Huge List Of Stats

  • A Huge List Of Stats


    Favourite Weapon: Poleaxe

    Heads Exploded: 42
    Heads Decapitated: 60
    Limbs Severed: 23
    Headshots: 11

    Archers Killed: 169
    Man At Arms Killed: 245
    Vanguards Killed: 320
    Knights Killed: 253

    Objectives Won: 30
    Objectives Lost: 28

    Filthy Peasants Killed: 62
    Trebuchets Destroyed: 11

    Battlecries: 239

    the list will be a lot bigger than this but you get the general idea. I think it would also be nice for a screen to appear upon death showing some of your opponent’s stats too - such as his favourite weapon.

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