Any ETA on the SDK or Editor?

  • Of coarse i can just build all my assets now to be used later, but has TB released any info? sorry for over post if this is a FAQ

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    Now that CU1 has been released, our main focus will be on.. and you will all be excited to hear this….*drumroll* MOD TOOLS! Keep in mind, there is no ETA on when these will be released, but just know that it’s the next big thing that will be happening! So let those creative juices flow and get ready to start on some exciting new maps and mods for Chivalry!

  • Sweet Kimi, and hopefully fixing the server to client file push as well, cause the sum stuff ive edited like bow draw and reload times only show the animation faster not the actual thing.i can edit the speed of throwing weps and and arrows and javs and their ammo counts but the reload timing doesnt work yet, also changing the round time and spawn time to actually work would b a gd idea too, as that should of been working when the game was released.

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