Dynamic Team Objective Idea

  • I would like to see something of a more dynamic type of Team Objective to where to game continues even if a team fails an objective. We’ve all been there, on a team that is kind of dominating… and we are just praying and almost want to let the team win so we can play the next part and continue on the map that we love or whatever.

    Well, what if there were TO matches where the objectives are dynamic based on the outcome? Say perhaps that you were not able to complete an objective. Perhaps there could be another objective that you then have to go for. Say your battering ram plan falls through, then perhaps you can try busting down a wall somewhere else or setting fire to another village out of spite or who knows (i’m not the idea guy as far as WHAT the objective should be)

    Another idea, instead of the same team having a different objective upon failure, the other team could have a counter-objective. Say the mason’s fail to push the dead body cart or something. The agathians could counter by attacking something of the masons, or you could have to push them back and or defend another area they are trying to sabotage or what have you.

    It’s a small idea that could grow into a larger one, but the basis is having a more dynamic objective by changing them based on the outcome. This way, the story could even end more ways than one… and battles can go from one attempt to the next, and games would play out all the way and still have a winner/loser.

  • I like the counter attack option. Otherwise the attackers have too much time.

    Though then again how do the defenders win?

    The fact that teams are basically randomised anyway solves dominating teams.

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