Collectable heads

  • The other day i was bored, playing in a 24 player server, slashing heads from the corpses. Then this big idea went into my mind, how about making a collectable system such as the battlefield 3 with dogtags, but instead with heads? Let’s say you slash X player’s head off, it would be awesome to collect it and then keep a track of how many times you’ve gathered that player’s severed head.

    Also i’m surprised there is no achievement at all. There could be at least one which is earned at severing 100 enemie’s heads. It shall be called, i don’t know, “Executioner”, beats me.

    This is just an idea, i’m not saying it will be easy to implement, but maybe the community agrees.

    Leave your opinion!

  • I want to collect legs.

  • I thought this thread was about picking up an actual head from the ground and use it as weapon :D
    That would be sooo funny ^^

  • I like the head as weapon idea LOL.

    I also like the collectible idea too.

  • Make the collection of heads the objective of something like kill credit game mode?

    Like Kill confirmed from CoD or the far superior Big Ass Chains from Saint’s row. You can hack and slash all day, but unless you pick up the heads of your opponent, there’s no credit for the kill.

  • Gotta Behead them all!

    This reminds me of ear collecting in D2. Not much point though. Maybe having a severed head icon on your scorecard that shows how many you have beheaded in the current game could be shown. There really isn’t much point though.

  • I like the idea, but you should only obtain a player’s head / name from a kill that resulted in beheading…. make it an effort for people. Lopping off heads off of corpses would be too easy.

    But what about players who use blunt weapons?

    Maybe they should get eyes… or ears…

  • @Cpt-Praxius:

    I like the idea, but you should only obtain a player’s head / name from a kill that resulted in beheading

    Of course, that’s the whole point of it. Collect the head you severed, a total different way of owning people.

  • It could be done like the BF3 dog tag system with a statistic in the main menu. Yet, I dont think it is very useful or necessary…

  • You should be able to pick it up and press C to raise it above your head and battle cry! :D

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