Idea: Hardcore mode

  • So this is very general. A hardcore mode where your arm can get cut off and you still live, you can get crippled, wounded etc etc. Much lower health too maybe?

    You can also bleed to death. This is VERY general, I had this in my head and just had to get it out.

    This could be optional for server, maybe have a server browser filter to only show hardcore, show no hardcore and show both soft and hardcore.

  • I’m sure that there will be a mod for that if there is the possibility to mod the game to that extent. I’d love to see it though. SWAT 4 had a similar system with injured body parts (arm = less accuracy, leg = can’t run, head = reddish vision, etc)

  • Honestly, this would be pretty kick-ass.

  • @MeGusta:

    A hardcore mode where your arm can get cut off and you still live

    Right now you die when you get your arm cut off, which is much more hardcore than your proposal.

    In essence, the title of this thread needs to be “Idea: Easy mode” instead, as you’re suggesting people live with fatal injuries.

  • I guess he meant hardcore in the extreme sense as opposed to a difficulty sense.

    It sounds like a "“realism” mode that would probably serve mainly as an added humiliation factor. I imagine players still in control of their character but crawling about pathetically waiting to bleed out or be finished off.

  • Outside of disabling hp regen and upping dmg, I don’t really see how much more hardcore the game can get.

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