Chat size/ color

  • i loved the size and color of the chat b4 the last patch
    y did it get changed?
    im not a fan of the small white chat after the patch, as an admin its very hard to read
    is there anyway to change it server side?
    also ive noticed now when a map starts now the 1st person to type has gold name, is there any way to make the admins name always show up like this?

  • I believe that gold name thing is to do with being in spectator mode.

    Until you join a team all chat appears to you with the gold names, and your own chat will appear to others with a gold name.

  • ty dave,
    i am however still curious about those questions though

  • No, there’s no way to change it at the moment. It is what it is, unless it gets coded differently in an update.

  • well y did it get changed from the bigger green chat as that was awesome, to many ppl whined about it or sumthing?

  • Things don’t always get changed due to whining, contrary to what most on the internet like to believe.

    It’s their game, they redesigned the chat functions the way they liked. All there is to it.

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