Persisting bugs after the patch

  • While I’m glad that the new patch brought free new content, I’m really disapointed how it handled (or rather didn’t handle) most of the frustrating bugs:

    1. Getting stuck on Stonehill hill
      Already posted that in the apropriate place. The added cliff helps a lot, but its still possible to get stuck there.

    2. Team Deathmatch Ending bugs
      When one team is killed off completely (0 resources and everybody dead), the game fails to announce victory and change maps which is especially frustrating on servers where votechangemap is reserved for admins only. Recently, I have notice it tends to happen significantly more often when Mason team wins - I dont remember it ever happening during Agatha victory. When the winning team kills itself (either naturally or by mass suicide), the other one wins.

    There is also a second part of the bug. When the game fails to notice the victory, people tend to leave the server, especially if they are from the losing team (ghosting around starts being boring very fast if nothing happens). This leads to very large difference in the number of players and often the autobalance kicks in and a player from the winning team is respawned as a member of the other team even though they dont have any resources.

    1. Throw bug
      This one brings me terrible amounts of frustration because I like playing vanguard. When using a throwable weapon, e.g.: throwing axes or knives (dont know about spears though), and being hit during the windup (just before throwing it), the throwing weapon gets totally bugged. The throw doesnt take place (which is, I assume, by design) and one of the following happens:

    The better case scenario: The game seems to think you have no ammo (even though you should have at least 1 axe or 4 knives and the HUD says so) and automatically changes your weapon which can be, of course, deadly for you.

    The worse case scenario: The weapon gets stuck with the hud showing lower ammo (1/2 or 4/5) and cannot be used but it stays in your hand and you have to change weapons manually. That means you have to first notice the problem (cant I throw because im flinching or because its stuck?) and then to change the weapon but often I’m dead by then because a archer manages to reload and a vanguard or MaA gets to finish me in melee.

    I’ve been killed at least hundred times because of this bug, so either solve it or at least put in an achievement for being killed in this silly way.

    1. Non-functional blocking
      Sometimes when a player manages to block successfully, he’s hit anyway. I know I will get accused immediately of bad blocking but I assure you, I know the principles (face the correct direction and keep the tip of the weapon on your reticule) and most of all, I’m pretty sure the blocks are good because when hit, it plays the clinking sound of clashing weapons or the hollow thump of a shield, but the damage still gets through. And I’m sure im not the only person experiencing this bug because I’m its victim as often as I’m its “exploiter” - Ive seen countless knights and MaAs getting hit right in the middle of their blocking shield (with the apropriate sound) and getting hurt (with the apropriate blood) anyway.
      Also I have an impression it happens more frequently when low on health - when I can die from the strike, Im more likely it gets through the successful block.

    1. Autobalance
      Besides the persisting bugs, I also noticed that after the patch the autobalance stopped working correctly. It kicks in extremely seldom, and no, its not disabled, it just fails to notice most of the time there is a large difference between the teams.

  • For #1 if you can post screenshots of areas where you can still get stuck, we can fix it.

    For #5, autobalance frequency is a server setting - I think the default is 30 seconds, which can certainly feel like a long time if the teams are heavily imbalanced, but most of the time the imbalance will be small and corrected simply by having new players join the server, so very frequent autobalance would just be frustrating for the players who are constantly swapped.

    The rest of these we’re looking into or already aware of and will do our best to fix for the next patch.

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